All of my projects are made using open source technologies and libraries and are hosted on github .I try to push the updated code as much as possible. I try my best to maintain informative readme for every project , but if you feel or sense some anomaly or missing info               or any other issue, feel free to communicate.

textprocess is a python module for text pre processing used in various data mining and AI algorithms. It currently preprocesses only english text but can be easily extended for other languages also. Textprocess provides 5 stage text pre processing and filtering viz tokenization , normalization , lemmatization , stemming and stop word remover. Textprocess can be fed with list, string or multi list containing multiple lines of text.
available on pip : pip install textprocess

Project link : textprocess

Rupeefy is an chrome extension which converts dollar rates to rupee , based on current exchange rate. This extension supports various formats in which rates are displayed , such as different formats used on and new Rupeefy scraps the dollar to rupe eschange rate from google , so there is no limit to usage , because its not using any expensive apis. Rupeefy's smart regular expression detects dollar amounts and converts them on the fly

Project link : rupeefy

nodeChat is a multi user realtime chat application developed in node.js and It uses mongoDB to store chat messages and provides threaded environment for different chats.Its built on express web framework and ncludes session based authentication and establishing socket connection to servers to facilitate real time communication.In addition mongoDB is used for providing database support and persistent storage for storing chat mesages and registered users credentials.Basic UI and designing is done with bootstrap library.

Project link : nodeChat
This website, is my latest web programming project(self evident :p) built on open source technologies. I have tried to build it as more of a portfolio website where i can display my projects and write about myself. Here , like always i have given major attention to look and feel for great experience. This website is built upon django for server side support , uses bootstrap along with jquery for frontend. Further pygments and markdown modules for python are used for content editing such as blog posts. It uses scrollorama , greensock , jquery knob for home page UI and disqus powered comments for blog post. Further it uses require.js for lazy loading of website resources.

Project link :

dBaseView is a PHP based CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) application , for basic contact management Purposes. Designed with companies’ requirement in mind. It provides record (contact) management for client and companies And stores various fields like PAN, DIN (relevant for tax purposes). It also provides basic search functionality for client and Company record based on few key values such as first name, last name, PAN number and DIN number. It is a lightweight alternative for basic contact management that can be run on local php server such as XAMPP. Project code can be found here. Project repo contains config file that need to edited before use. Project readme provides relevant details.

Project link : dBaseView

PHP mysqli adapter
PHP mysqli adapter is abstraction of basic database functions such as select, insert, update and delete, into easy to use and flexible classes. It provides hassle free interface for database interaction with flexible argument list. In addition it wraps the result of select queries in arrays with column name as indexes for easy access information and includes Sufficient error handling and support for pagination using sql limit functionality. Project repo has nice Readme file depicting usage examples.

Project link : PHP-mysqli adapter

Pyshare is local network based file sharing suite , built over twisted library for asynchronous communication. It is multi-user server client based application, which runs over TCP/IP and provides file sharing functionalities. It includes support for assigning nicknames to peer systems in local network and accessing those hosts using that nickname. Pyshare features folder sync functionality which can determine which file to update at run time. Best part of pyshare is that , Clients don’t need to be manually configured to connect to server, this process is automated with local network discovery tools like ping and handles the connection between client and server. Project readme further describes the functionality of the project.

Project link : PyShare

Othenticator is PHP wrapper class for oAuth sdk of various services. Uses Facebook and Google sdk for oAuath. Can be extended to support other services. It tries to use login information step-by-step and then fallback to use sites custom login for authentication. By default, it tries first to determine if user is logged in to Facebook, then it tries for Google and then sites custom authentication.

Project link : Othenticator

Design room is open source web page designer tool , built on HTML5 , CSS3 and JavaScript and uses PHP for authentication and file download purposes. It allows user to design and tweak every possible css property to change look and feel of the element. This is beta version and supports <p>,<aside>,<img>,<div> tags.User can insert text and images give it various styling options. The canvas provides drag and drop capabilities and dynamic repositioning of elements. Elements can be resized dynamically using size extenders, appended at bottom right of elements. Elements can also be removed from canvas by dragging them to the trashcan. Ajax image up loader provided with Design room is also drag and drop bases, just drop the images you want to upload, and they will on canvas in no time. Design room generates the code at backend for the design you created. Any time user can view the source code by clicking in status bar at top. Code will be formatted and syntax highlighted (using jquery libraries).Also , code can be downloaded at any time.

Project link : Design-Room

Button Maker
Button maker is a html button designer with css code generation. It contains all the styling properties ,buttons can have and updates them dynamically at run time. It uses color picker and gradient picker for adding color support. Built purely on JavaScript and css for responsiveness and can be run as is by downloading it.

Project link : Button Maker
Tecneed is php based forum for wide variety of discussions. It allows active user participation and allows user to create different topics and comment on them. Notification mails are automatically sent to users if someone replied on their post for the first time along with post link. Tecneed has custom admin dashboard that manages user access roles and post and comments. Admin can change rank of users , deauthorize them , authorize them using admin panel. Tecneed is built on PHP, JS, HTML5,CSS3. User can share posts and create polls.It was my first experimental project(currently offline).
Code Bucket
Code Bucket is inspired from functionality of git in early college days. I was fascinated with git status command and tried to build it in c (file tracker in codebucket).File diff is also implemented in codebucket. Although as a whole codebucket isn’t finished , but it does create git like structure using init command and performs file tracking and file diff , and can be extended further and resused. Code bucket is purely built on C and some shell commands , hence delivers best performance possible

Project link : Code Bucket

Pro Word
Pro word is C based GUI text editor. Its uses borland’s graphic’s to provide GUI. Proword provides dual mode (command line view and GUI mode) for text editing. It features apple’s coverflow style color picker, again developed in Apart from this, it also provides menu bar , to give real GUI base text editor functionality. Pro word also supports file search and file deletion through GUI dialogues. Requires TurboC environment with graphics enabled. This project was developed as part of data structure course and focuses upon functionality of text editors and usage of data structure in storage of documents.

Project link : ProWord

Last Ball
Last ball is a mini game written in C(with Borland graphics). My first ever C project. Contains lot of unoptimized code and code duplication and redundant code. It was in response to challenge given by lab mentor , to develop snooker in C, surprisingly gave decent performance.

Project link : Last Ball