Developing iOS apps is pretty creative and interesting task, and easy to start with, given the fact that you know basic programming concpets and can code comfortably in C/C++.

Though pre-requisites include A Mac :p and Xcode , but if you have crossed the barrier then its pretty easy and amazing to start with.

If you are starting with iOS development, following this guide will help you get acquainted with iOS technologies quickly ,with good understanding of underlying concepts.

Always use Latest Xcode and Latest iTunes

  • Read and work along this tutorial quickly to get hands dirty with iOS development. In the process you will get to know the most basic principles of Objective C and app architecture. Also building your first app by hand gives you confidence.

  • The next most logical step is to read this Xcode guide . This guides takes you through different features of XCode which really prove to be beneficial. While developing iOS apps you need to be comfortable with different views and tools in Xcode so that its easy to follow tutorials online. In the nutshell you should get comfortable with switching views and able find out help for any resource and easily switch between views.

  • Its time to get fluent with objective C. Although Objective is super set of C/C++ , you still need to be familiar with working concepts of Objective , which has far more richer constructs than native C/C++. This guide takes you through most basic and essential concepts of Objective C. Before you jump to coding its better to be well equipped with tools and concepts rather than regressing to guides and disrupting the development activity. Although there are many tutorial sites available on the web , you are free to follow any guide , but still apple official documentation is the best resource to get most comprehensive and up to date information.

  • After you are familiar with objective-c concepts, knowing how to build interface using Xcode integrated interface builder is a nice exercise and good learning experience. This small guide will quickly get you through basic steps to build a user interface.

  • At this point you can start development of your ios app. Its good practice to read other (there are many) guides from apple official documentation to get well versed with sophisticated technologies and concepts in iOS domain. Following points mention the important concepts that you need to be familiar with , in-order to build real and sophisticated apps.

  • Using design patterns is an essential skill in any app development and iOS is no different. You will feel the benefits of incorporating the design patterns in your application , in terms of ease of managing and understanding the code base. This guide. This guide is comprehensive, so you dont read it completely before starting the real coding, but the better approach would be reading and discovering while you do development.

  • Learning how views work and their available public methods is of great use when you want to add custom behaviour to your app with ad-hoc views. Reading this guide will make you speed up your app development. Related to the concepts of views are view controllers which are always found in accordance to views, so getting well versed with the concepts of the same will be beneficial. This part apple documentation for view controller fills the gaps.

  • Core data is an apples solution for object graph management. In simple language it is an ios api for storing and managing objects used in your app. Core data gives support for persistence storage of objects with undo and redo functionality. As apple describes , Core data has a code base matured over a period of time , and it is better to use code data than to write ad-hoc solution for object management in your app. This guide , though not part of Appleā€™s official documentation , gives a good hands-on knowledge of the topic. So its good to follow this tutorial. Also Apple gives a comprehensive guide for core data programming , which you should refer in order to get well verserd with the topic.

By no means this list is complete in terms of ios app development concepts and features, but provides good starter in order to get comfortable with the topic. Google is filled with tons of other good articles and tutorials on the topic of iOS development, still this is good place to find awesome resources for ios development.