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Kickstarting iOS development

Feb 02 , 2014

Developing iOS apps is pretty creative and interesting task, and easy to start with, given the fact that you know basic programming concpets and can code comfortably in C/C++.

Though pre-requisites include A Mac :p and Xcode , but if you have crossed the barrier then its pretty easy and amazing to start with.

If you are starting with iOS development, following this guide will help you get acquainted with iOS technologies quickly ,with good understanding of underlying concepts.

Always use Latest Xcode and Latest iTunes

  • Read and work along this tutorial quickly ......


Convert Dollar to Rupee on shopping sites

Dec 26 , 2013


Live in India and shop on US shopping sites a lot ? or just want to review price of goods in Indian Rupee insteadof US Dollar ? , then Rupeefy is for you.

Rupeefy is a chrome extenion which converts dollar rates to cureent value of rupee on the fly. Particulary useful on websites like Amazon and newegg in which price keeps fluctuating. Also thanks to swifly changing dollar to rupee exchange rate, rupeefy comes handy when you are shopping on such websites.

Main advantage of the Rupeefy lies in the fact that it supports ......

#chrome-extension , #shopping

Deploy django on shared hosts(Just Host , Blue Host and possibly others)

Sep 28 , 2013

So you have built your awesome django app and now want to deploy your app on web.Following the trend , you read django documentation for deployement and get to know that apache mod_wsgi is the best option for deployement of your django app, which indeed is . But whats unfortunate is that mosts shared hosts doesnt provide access to apaches settings and preferences and hence you cannot use mod_wsgi.And now if you contact your hosting customer support they will advise you to buy VPS(virtual Private Server) ,too expensive for devs for experimental purpose.Even google search for django deployement on ......


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