[ Computer Science under grad, Tech Evangelist,
Passionate coder, Epicure, Geek, Apple fanboy ]

I am

Mayank Bhola ,
A.K.A psych0der

a computer science undergrad from Delhi,India.

I like to code passionately and scavenge new technologies.

A big time foodie ;) and wannabe connoisseur

who believes food is more than just a fuel

Likes to think philosophically

And practice Sarcasm

True believer of theory of karma

What goes around comes around

I have been working on computer projects since school days

and know quite a few programming languages

Glimpse of my skill set

I evangelize Open Source technologies
contribute to it too
Have a look at my Projects

I do write blog sometimes
have a decent resume too

Yes , I am available for development job profiles

You can write to me at

and befriend me at

Feel free to

mail me your

valuable feedback